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The Top Christmas Gifts 2007

Welcome to this website. Everything you need to know about the top Christmas Gifts 2007 and of course the top toys.

Don't spend any more money than you have to! These pages contain accurate information about the top Christmas gifts of 2007. You can also compare prices at a glance at top UK suppliers. You can view what's hot and what to pick here: Christmas Gifts 2007>>>

A number of sources including the retail toys association make there predictions about the top Christmas gifts 2007. We have included all these with easy to use price comparison sections which are updated as often as by the hour.

You can see an example of our price comparison sections, for Christmas gifts 2007, below.

Example of How To Find Best Prices

You will see an example of the Puppy Grows toy which is tipped to be the Christmas number 1 (one) top selling toy of 2007.

Simply click the prices to be directed straight to the supplier and the product page of the gift you are looking at where you can buy christmas gifts online.

To select a christmas gift from the top 10 and top 20 list simply follow this link and select the gifts you are interested in to compare prices: Christmas Gifts 2007>>>

Puppy Grows - Retriever Suppliers & Prices

Puppy Grows - Retriever Suppliers & Prices

The Fisher Price Puppy Grows Retriever is available from the following suppliers at the prices displayed. Simply click the prices to buy or for more information...

Christmas Gifts 2007 - Puppy Grows Retreiver   Click Prices

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Christmas Gifts 2007 Top Sellers

The Toy Retailers Association has unveiled a list of 12 toys that it expects will dominate kids' Christmas gifts 2007 lists this year.

Toy makers have largely played safe with old favourites and TV and movie tie-ins, but have given them a technological twist.

The list includes a new version of perennial favourite Barbie that incorporates a Barbie MP3 Player, a fluffy Puppy that grows bigger the more it is petted by its owner, and Optimus Prime, the robot hero of this year's hit summer movie Transformers.

"Technology is getting cheaper making Christmas gifts 2007 even better value than ever before. Kids like things that do things," said Val Stedham, president of the Toy Retailers Association.

Ms Stedham said that the array of film and TV-related toys did not mean toy makers lacked originality.

"Kids watch things on TV and they relate to them as products," she said.

Last year's best-selling toy was the Tamagotchi, the electronic pet.

Christmas Gifts 2007 - Technology

Christmas Gifts 2007 - Technology

Technology will dominate children's wish lists this Christmas gifts 2007 lists, experts have predicted. Modern youngsters want to see more interactive items filling their stockings, according to the Toy Retailers Association (TRA). A voice changer mask inspired by the Doctor Who series is on the 12-strong "dream toys" list for this Christmas. The Optimus Prime toy inspired by Transformers The Movie is also on the list, along with a Flytech Dragonfly remote-controlled flying insect.

A hand-held electronic device which plays word games called Say What? is another of the hi-tech items on the Christmas gifts 2007 list. Even Mattel's Barbie Girls assortment can connect to a website and play music. TRA chairman Gary Grant said: "The technological advancements used in many of the toys we reviewed this year were quite amazing and demonstrate how forward thinking manufacturers can be. Responding to the changing demands of children is what makes this industry so innovative."

The Barbie Princess Rosella Doll made it into the girls-only top Christmas gifts 2007 12 toys list, along with other toys from well-known brands including My Little Pony, Polly Pocket and Baby Annabell. Hasbro's Transformers Ultimate Bumble made it into the boys-only list along with another silver screen-inspired toy, the Spider-Man ultimate web blaster.

The TRA has around 400 members who together account for 75% of toy retailers in the UK. Its independent predictions for this year's most popular toys take into account what consumers are requesting and the latest trends in new products.


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